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Holistic development process for packaging

No two pieces of packaging are alike: the market, the customer, the product and the consumer all place different demands on packaging solutions. That's why it's our job to listen to you carefully, understand your product, and tailor a solution to your individual requirements. Because we know that innovative, creative packaging has to be more than just a container nowadays: packaging must be functional to ensure your product is both protected and safely transported. It should also be emotionally appealing and ideally convey your message in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd at the point of sale. It only takes a few seconds for a customer to decide whether to reach for your product or for another. For products and brands to succeed, developing packaging solutions together with a strong partner is a crucial first step.

Together with you, our packaging designers work out the specific requirements for new packaging for your product and, based on the results, develop a high-quality solution. Using our many years of experience in the industry and the expertise of our packaging developers, we place the greatest value on quality, an optimal price-performance ratio, short lead times and sustainable production. In a multi-stage product packaging development process, we come up with a custom-fit packaging solution for your product, moving from the first sketch of an idea to detailed design and visualisation using modern CAD programmes to prototype production.

Developing ideas for packaging design

For us, successful product development begins with a detailed briefing that we work out together with you. Based on your requirements, our experienced designers and engineers work closely together to develop initial creative ideas for the packaging design – bringing the form, the colours and the material to life. To ensure that your product wins over customers and draws the most attention possible from consumers at the point of sale, in the idea development phase we show high-quality and appealing finishing options including blind embossing, hot foil stamping and cold foil stamping for the packaging design to underscore the brand message and quality of your product. In this product development phase, right from the start we react flexibly to change requests or short-term trends and develop both efficient and sustainable solutions to get the best possible result for your packaging solution – an expression of our agile work processes.

Designing packaging solutions

The design turns ideas into solutions. Based on defined product data, we design your individual packaging solution down to the tiniest of details. IIn the design process we use the latest CAD programmes, which not only ensure high accuracy but also help you to benefit from a shortened, economical and environmentally friendly conceptualisation and design phase. In addition, we always keep an eye on the requirements of your packaging solution, uncover optimisation potential and take this into account in the design. This is how we meet your high quality standards as well as our high quality standards. 

Visualising packaging solutions

Using the latest visualisation programmes, we present your packaging solution as realistically as possible. 3D visuals offer the opportunity to view different variants of materials, colours, layouts and details and to compare them with competitor products. This allows you to check whether the necessary attention-grabbing power is there or whether the packaging design may have to be fine-tuned to ensure that your packaging solution attracts the interest of consumers at the point of sale.

Prototypes in packaging development

The requirements for packaging are manifold: Is the shape right? Is the size right? What’s the effect of the design? Prototypes are an indispensable part of packaging development because the actual effect and functions of packaging can best be assessed using a real sample. State-of-the-art plotters and very short set-up times let us create your individual packaging sample within 24 hours. This in turn allows you to quickly demonstrate your prototype, survey customers and discuss adjustments and modifications internally.

Pilot lot

Last but not least, the pilot lot is part of our scope of services and shows the standard of our quality assurance. As part of the pilot lot, we ensure that your packaging solution meets all defined requirements, such as the protective function for your product and transportability. We identify the last remaining weak points in the product and make the final corrections. Once everything is right and the packaging meets your expectations, we coordinate our production planning and control with the series production of your packaging solution and start production on our state-of-the-art printing and processing units.