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Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes ensure excellent product protection and, at the same time, communication tailored to the target group. The Carton Group focuses on products made of laminated corrugated board consisting of an open flute (inner face and flute material) and on the other hand of a liner (outer face), which can be printed on with high quality in offset printing. High-end finishing including hot- and cold-foil can also be applied to present your product to perfection.

The material combination of corrugated cardboard boxes allows you to sensibly combine the stability and price advantage of corrugated board made from recycled paper with the visual properties and offset printing possibilities of liner paper and reach your target group perfectly. In addition, corrugated cardboard boxes are usually made from recycled waste paper and so make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.

If you need stable and large-format packaging that is also impressive in terms of the packaging design with its sophisticated colour effect and feel, then corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal. Depending on the desired design, different materials and grammages can be used for laminated board. We offer the perfect product for you, from standard corrugated cardboard boxes from the FEFCO catalogue to custom corrugated cardboard inserts.


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