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From folding boxes to displays and blister cards, our companies have a wide range of packaging solutions that can be developed and customised to meet specific requirements. Our packaging specialists will provide you with advice on choosing the right packaging solution to put your product and brand in the perfect setting to attract maximum attention at the point of sale (PoS).

Folding boxes

Folding boxes offer high product protection due to their stability and are also a perfect advertising medium at the point of sale.

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Die-cut packaging

Die-cut packaging saves space, is easy to transport and is designed to provide perfect product protection.

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Displays are perfect for optimal product and company presentations in the retail sector.

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Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes ensure excellent product protection and, at the same time, communication tailored to the target group.

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Hinged-lid boxes

Hinged-lid boxes are a preferred choice when it comes to high-quality packaging solutions for premium goods.

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Blister cards

Blister cards are used to present replacement parts and consumables for electrical appliances as well as care and beauty products on the sales shelf.

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Attention intensity. Emotionality. Availability. The design and finishing quality of a package significantly contributes to a positive purchase decision. Manufacturers and brands also follow the expectations of consumers and retailers to constantly enrich their product ranges with new products and innovations. In addition, “fast-moving products” must be available at all times. We provide maximum flexibility and delivery times from one week, so our customers can always rely on us.

Personal Health Care

Sustainability. Top quality. Flexible order quantities. Consumer awareness and expectations have brought about constant change in the personal health care industry. Today, sustainable, reusable packaging solutions are a must. Replace blister packaging with paper and cardboard-based packaging, use a wide variety of finishing options and meet the requirements of e-commerce and stationary retail: The Carton Group meets these requirements each and every day.


Stylish packaging. Premium Quality. Sustainability. The ever-increasing variety of products requires different order quantities, as well as smart, high-quality packaging solutions for cosmetics. Hand-in-hand with the current trend for natural cosmetic products, consumers also expect reusable and sustainable packaging solutions, as well as a transparent and resource-saving manufacturing process. We know the importance of sustainable products and processes and impress our customers with excellent solutions.

Consumer electronics

Design. Product safety. Longevity. The consumer electronics market sees constant innovations, the ceaseless improvement of existing products and the continual development of new ones. The aim of packaging solutions is not simply to protect products during transport. High-quality packaging must also represent the value and brand promise of products perfectly. Our experts know this requirement very well and will work with you to develop the best possible strategy for your individual packaging solution.


Sales promotion. Product safety. Optimal handling. Different requirements are placed on food packaging for e-commerce, stationary retail and gastronomy. Food packaging should entice consumers to buy, perfectly protect the product and ensure safe transportation. Our experts know these requirements and will be more than happy to advise you at any time.